What is The Black Men Flower Project?

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About the Black Men Flower Project

The Black Men Flower Project started in 2021 with the hope of spreading awareness of Black men making a positive influence in their community. We hope to share positive images and Black men, fight negative serotypes, and raise their self-esteem and overall mental health by proxy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are y'all giving Black Men Flowers?

  • To raise self-esteem.

  • To celebrate Black men in our community.

  • To give them something beautiful to protect.

  • To counter toxic masculinity & negative stereotypes.

  • To bring awareness to mental health issues in Black men.

Can I nominate someone anonymously?

Yes! Although, we will need your contact information if there are any hiccups in the delivery or ordering process.

Where do you deliever flowers to?

We're based in Columbus, Ohio, and primarily serve this community. When we have the funds, we'll ship nationally, working with other local Black-owned floral shops.

What is apporiate donation amount?

For recipients in Columbus, Ohio, we ask for $40 to cover our local florist's delivery and bouquet fees The Bloom Boutique.

*There are no administrative fees.

If you would like to nominate a Black man outside of Columbus, an amount between $75 and $100 is ideal. However, any amount is appreciated. You may donate here.

"Flowers are not for men!" / "This is emasculating!"

Flowers are for everyone. The rate that Black men die in America due to systematic racism is an ongoing epidemic. Black men deserve flowers while they can still smell them, not only after they're killed.

My nominee is Non-Binary or Trans, is that an issue?

We celebrate and respect all gender identities. If your nominee is comfortable receiving flowers from our organization, we have no issue sending them. Your image on our social media is optional.

Who are y'all?

My name is Robert Vaughns. Just a Black man with a few ideas on how to better the world.